Christina’s Corner

Hi! I’m Christina, Travis’ wife, and I’m super excited to have my little nook on his blog. As  the spouse of a person with a TBI, I feel I have some unique challenges and I’m sure other partners out there helping their mate along can relate to that sentiment.

Almost over night I went from having a mellow, relaxed, go with the flow kinda husband to an outspoken, opinionated, and moody one! I say all of that with love because it sure isn’t his fault. I was not as aware of the impact a TBI can have, so I was quite perturbed to go from the alpha personality in the house to having Travis be head honcho in pretty much everything.


I analyze his behavior and situations he is in with my knowledge and education from a clinical standpoint. I hold a B.S. in Psychology- Crisis Counseling, halfway to an M.S. in Family & Human Development (I’ll finish in July), and I start my Doctoral program in Traumatology next fall. With all of that knowledge in my head, I am still surprised every day with Travis’ brain. There is not a thing, class, worksheet, or blog that can ever prepare you for a journey with a TBI patient. Each brain is as different and unique as the  accident itself.

I hope to be able to share my experiences as a TBI spouse that is learning something every day and most importantly, how to cope with someone going through this and the significance of self-care. We are not just spouses of a TBI, we are people with our own identities first.

In a perfect world I would have a round table discussion or a sofa evening to be able to hear all the stories from spouses that are faced with this new lifestyle, but for now my nook will have to do.